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The effect of zinc sulfate feed grade 2 water

1, 2 water zinc sulfate and biofilm:

Zinc and the function of the biofilm structure plays a key role, zinc and phospholipids and membrane protein thiol interaction to stable biofilm. It is reported that zinc can inhibit fat peroxide or mercaptan oxidation, so as to maintain normal biological function of biofilm.

Copper zinc superoxide dismutase (sod) is the key to eliminate super oxygen radicals enzyme, zinc deficiency when the activity of superoxide dismutase (sod), peroxidase (pod), superoxide dismutase (sod) catalytic disproportionation of superoxide anion, parts in the cytoplasm, zinc is associated with the structure of the stability of enzyme, and copper is related to catalysis.

Within the machine, iron and mercaptan has strong affinity, strong catalytic free radicals after combination of ability, and zinc can be combined with iron competitively and mercaptan, blocking the combination of iron and mercaptan, thus to reduce or stop the destructive iron catalytic oxidation, prevent to form a new possibility of free radicals.

2, two water zinc sulfate and the interaction effect of VA:

Zinc is liver and retina VA reductase, the active ingredient, the synthesis of the enzyme and retinal and edge has a direct relationship between enough, affecting the normal sight of the animal and dark vision.


Zinc deficiency can hinder the movement and transportation of stored VA in the liver and decrease the level of plasma VA, leading to endogenous transport deficiency of VA, resulting in visual acuity and dark adaptation disorders. Zinc supplementation can reduce the excretion of VA, and has a synergistic effect with VA. It can prevent arteriosclerosis and maintain normal visual acuity.

3. Zinc sulfate dihydrate and protein metabolism:

Because zinc is related to the activity of RNA polymerase and ribonuclease, and can prevent ribonuclease from acting on ribosomal RNA, the activity of ribonuclease decreases when sufficient zinc is available.

Under zinc deficiency, the activity of ribonuclease in vivo increased, so the RNA level decreased significantly. Thus, zinc has indirect effects on protein biosynthesis and transmission of genetic information.

4. Metabolism of zinc sulfate dihydrate and mineral elements:

Zinc deficiency can cause the decrease of VC reabsorption, zinc supplementation can reduce the excretion of VC and have synergistic effect with VC to prevent atherosclerosis.

Zinc sulfate dihydrate deficiency can also cause the decrease of alkaline phosphatase activity in stomach and blood, change the calcification of bone, make the chondrocyte on the growth plate of bone proliferate, decrease the bone density, decrease the femur of piglets, weaken the strength, and cause leg osteoporosis.