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Tianjin Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd. Xiaobian introduces the characteristics of magnesium sulfate for y


Magnesium sulfate in Tianjin is a compound with many uses. This is a mineral form of salt that exists in a wide range of geological environments. It can be found in minerals, white solids on the earth's surface. This mineral is also found in oceans and springs. This compound is formed by the molecule of magnesium and sulfuric acid, and its formula is MgSO 4. In commerce, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate is obtained by dissolving magnesium carbonate in heated diluted sulfuric acid. Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate is commonly called laxate.

Physical state: Tianjin magnesium sulfate is a colorless, odorless material structure.

Taste: A little bitter.

Solubility: Highly soluble in inorganic solvents, such as water. At room temperature, about 700 grams of magnesium can be dissolved in a liter of water. It is particularly soluble in organic solvents such as glycerol and alcohol.

Hygroscopicity: The anhydrous form of Tianjin magnesium sulfate has hygroscopicity, and it also has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air. Because of this characteristic, it is often used as a desiccant in organic synthesis.

Sound absorption: Tianjin magnesium carbonate has the function of converting sound force into heat energy. In seawater, magnesium is mainly responsible for absorbing sound, which mainly affects high-frequency sound.

Chemical property:

Hydrate: In addition to the mixture of heptahydrates, magnesium can also be found in various types of hydrates.

PH value range: Tianjin magnesium sulfate solution is not acidic, its pH value is about 6.0.

Heating: When heated to 250oC, the seven-water mixture loses water to form anhydrous salt. Further heating will decompose into magnesium oxide.

Reaction in water: When dissolved in water, Tianjin magnesium sulfate will decompose into magnesium ions and sulfuric acid.